Who we are

Toshi Karate Club is a Shito Karate Club based in North West of London-Edgware, Kingsbury, Harrow, and Luton offering students quality tuition. We have classes every day in different locations for all ages (4 years old to adults).

We offer a pay as you train scheme or monthly fee. Within every class we have a Sensei and Senpai so we can split the class into small groups so they can teach certain abilities to insure that you are learning karate which is specific to you and maximizing the attention given to each individual.

The objective of the Toshi Karate Club is to teach the highest quality traditional karate combined the highest quality sport karate.Traditional karate allows you to progress through the grade belt, teaches about fundamentals and spirit of karate and to feel the real karate.

Sport karate is where we take part in competitions, participating in Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Fighting). At our first participation at the official English Kyu Grade Championship 2016 we won all podiums (first, second and third place) at Kata -9yrs. Sport Karate it is a great adventure to take, if you enjoy competing and it is also an Olympic Sport in Tokyo 2020.

Our Karate Club was established in 2014. Instruction is provided by senior black belt. Sensei Cristian Maldarescu (4th Dan) is the club Chief Instructor with over 26 years teaching experience in Romania and England .

At Toshi Karate Club we are aiming to inspire people to take up karate to be fit and healthy, to increase self discipline, determination, self confidence, team spirit and most importantly to have FUN.

Our dojos are in London – Kingsbury (JFS, The Mall, HA3), Edgware (Orange Hill Road, HA8) and Luton (Alexandra Avenue, LU3) Hopefully, you will like what you see and decide to join us on our martial path. Come along at one of our classes and see yourself! Try a class for free.