7th European Shito Ryu Karate Federation Championships- Romania

On 16-18 June 2020 Toshi Karate Club participated with 5 competitors:

Raluca Stoica, Ana Bajan, Sara Iordan, Madalina Gale and Camelia Petrescu


Coach: Cristi Maldarescu
Referee: Alina Paun,

being part of Shito Ryu England Squad at the 7th European Shito Ryu Karate Federation Championships in Arad, Romania.

Two long days , a very high level competition with 485 competitors from 17 countries.

England came 5th overall in medal statistic with a total of 16 medals from which Toshi Karate Club had:

? Team Kata Girls [ Ana Bajan, Raluca Stoica & Sara Iordan ] – Team Kata Girls 9-12 yrs





?Camelia Petrescu – Ind. Kata Girls 8-9yrs




?Camelia Petrescu – Ind. Kumite Girls 8-9yrs -27Kg



?Raluca Stoica – Ind. Kumite Girls 12-13yrs +48Kg



5th Place – Sara Iordan – Ind. Kata Girls 12-13yrs




5th Place – Team Kumite Shito Ryu England [ Christina Furtuna, Andreea Geana, Raluca Stoica, Ana Bajan, Sara Iordan ] – Team Kumite Girls 12-14yrs



7th Place – Madalina Gale – Ind. Kumite Girls 10-11yrs -37Kg







Congratulations to our competitors!  You deserved to be there and you made us proud!  All competitors won at least a medal, wonderful!

Well done Golden Girls!  Keep up the hard work!