8th International Championships – Barcelona, Spain

27th to 30 July in Spain, Barcelona our club participated at 8th International Hayashi-ha Shito Ryu Kai Karate & Kobudo Championship

Our club was represented by:

Georgiana Mitea and Raluca Stoica as competitor.

They represented  our club  in Kata, Kumite and Team kumite.

After a long and very hard day with competitors from 25 countries, only 9 Country from Europe , here are our results:
Kumite individual -10yrs
Raluca Stoica 2nd place -Silver?

Kumite Teams
Georgiana and Raluca 3rd place – ?


Raluca Stoica 5th place (passing 6 rounds and lost on 7th with Iran)
Georgiana Mitea 8-9th place (passing 3 rounds)