Karate Kid Championship 25th June 2017

Like always, we are never disappointed of our students!
Congratulations to all who attended at Karate Kid Championship. 
Thank you once more parents for your help and patience.

We’ve been very close to be on third place at number of medals per Clubs , only one gold missing. 

We won 25 medals! 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 11 Bronze 

Our medalists are :

Raluca Stoica – 1st place open kata ; 1st place Kumite team
Ana Bajan – 1st place Kumite team ; 2nd place open kata ; 2nd place kata 10-12yrs
Georgiana Mitea– 1st place kata 10-12yrs ; 1st place kumite team kumite
Lavinia Bucataru -1st place kumite individual; 2nd place Kumite team ;
Denis Mocanu– 1st place kumite; 3rd place kata ;3rd place kickmaster
Eduard Petrescu – 1st place kickmaster
Madalina Galea – 1st place kickmaster; 2nd place individual kumite ; 2nd place kumite teams
Nicole Disca -3rd place kickmaster; 3rd place kata; 3rd place kumite
Alexandra Gradinaru – 2nd place team kumite ; 2nd place kickmaster; 3rd place kumite
Denisa Polici – 3rd place kata
Elena Rusu -2nd place kickmaster
Piotr Talaga– 2nd place kickmaster
Sophie Patalau -3rd place kickmaster
Ovidiu Amaritei-3rd place kickmaster
Analia Ghierasim -3rd place kickmaster
Stefan Buhus-3rd place kickmaster

We had as well Robert Petcu, Andrei Tudor , Karina Lungu, Jason Disca , Paul Mitea ,Sonia Ghiermaneanu and Camelia Petrescu competing for the first time . No luck for medals , we will work harder for the next competition.
Well done Toshi! OSS!!!