Open Shito Ryu Championship – London 2017

A big WELL DONE to our students today at Open Shito Ryu Competition – 26.02.2017 London!

We want to congratulate all our participants for their participation and to the parents for their support and patience.

We had students at their first competition , which we want to congratulate for their participation and we hope they have learned that with hard work they can be between the best.
We had the surprise to get another trophy at the end of the competition !!! The results today brought our Club on the 3rd place from 18 Clubs (we had 15 medals). Thank you kids for your hard work!

The results are:


Raluca Stoica

– 1st place Kata open
– 1st place Kumite +35Kg
– 1st place Kumite team -10yrs
– 3rd place kata team

Georgiana Mitea

– 1st place kata 8-9yrs
– 1st place kumite 8-9yrs
– 1st place kumite team

Cristina Herman
– 2nd place kata – 10 yrs
– 2nd place kumite – 35 Kg
– 2nd place kumite team
– 3rd place kata team

Jessica Varga
– 1st place kumite team
– 3rd place individual kumite
– 3rd place kata team

Lavinia Bucataru
– 2nd place kumite team
– 3rd place kumite -10yrs

Alexandra Gradinaru
– 2nd place kumite team
– 3rd place kata -10yrs

Madalina Gale
– 3rd place kata -9yrs

Sorin Popescu
– 3rd place kata -9yrs

Stefan Petrescu
– 3rd place kata -12yrs

Thank you All! Keep up the hard work! OSS